About peaceful co-existence…

Signal Mt. View

“Even though we looked just as idyllic before you settled here, your coming has maintained peace and harmony all around because you did not try to overrun us…” – View from Signal Mountain on a Saturday Morning, Mauritius


About the tree of life…


“Each of us has a unique existence, and we each have our special anniversaries… Some of us about to be born, some of us celebrating birthdays as children, some in our prime, some getting on in our years… Yet, we are all inherently connected and belong to the same tree…” – Pawpaw tree, Moka, Mauritius

About mystery…

Fody in the grass

“If you look closely, you will be able to make me out… However, 1) I am a rare species from the weaver family, 2) I am endemic to the island of Mauritius and importantly, 3) I am classified as being endangered… Do you then blame me for not coming out into the open?” – Fody, at Moka, Mauritius