About an embrace…


“When you come together, do so without hesitation and give of yourself generously… Think only of your partner knowing that satisfaction and fruition is the destiny of both of you…” – Thirst quenching pollination, Residence Beau Soleil, Mauritius


About the human condition…

weaver bird

“I am a weaver bird… known for my nests made of grass and strips of leaves. Some of you may consider my abode ugly or at least spartan. I am also known as a colonial breeder since we cluster many nests on one tree. I am practical and, many times, do not care for how the tree looks or feels after I have set up on it. I feed on seeds and grain often stripping off my nourishment and leaving a plant stem looking desolate and ravaged. I am a noisy individual and chatter as loudly as I can… I do not wait to hear what friends have to say to me preferring instead to tell them my story. You refer to me in disparaging terms? Don’t you see a likeness between us? – Weaver bird, early morning garden scene in Albion, Mauritius

About give and take…

rocks in sea

“We seem to flow into each other, sometimes yielding and at other times making the other yield… and the result is exquisite beauty. Don’t you think? Give and take, that’s what makes relationships work! Why doesn’t the world listen to us?” – Rocks in the sea at La Cambuse, South Eastern Mauritius