About many valid interpretations…


“Whatever you see here, solid, liquid, gas, blue, white, grey, soft and happy, hard and angry, flowing, drifting, falling, all of it has only one essence… I wish you would understand that about yourselves… you were all created from one soul, you see!”


“Every once in a while, I need to let go the emotions that I am holding onto so tightly… When the tears fall, they provide immense relief and yet I know that raindrops in the ocean can never be found… Let go your attachments, fears, sadness…”


“You see clouds, rain, the ocean, I only see water… everywhere… You see tall, short, pretty, ugly, white, brown, polite, rude, I only see soul… everywhere…”


“These raindrops did not need to find a river or a long journey to reach their final abode… what absolute great fortune… but isn’t beauty found in the journey as much as arriving at the destination?”

– Cloudburst over the Indian Ocean, Mauritius


6 thoughts on “About many valid interpretations…

  1. Such a hope-filled photo to complement your words. They remind me of how just as a wave cannot be separated from the ocean, nor moments from time and so destiny is connected very much with our origins.


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