About a place for everything…

sugarcane view

“Some of us produce sweetness, some are hard and immovable, others float in the sky spreading softness, some merely functional… yet, not only do we each have a place in your view, but we also create beauty, shapes, colour and diversity of experience! And so it is for humankind… think carefully, therefore, before condemning anyone with your shortsighted judgments! – Sugarcane field view just by Albion, Mauritius


8 thoughts on “About a place for everything…

  1. Azim, if my comment about Palestine is too much to have on your sweet blog, then I won’t be offended if you don’t post it, it was simply my response to your post, made me think of Palestine.


    • Hi Genie, the world is today, and has been in history, rife with conflicts and injustices which stem from people not wanting to accept others who are different in any way to themselves… In fact, I belong to a community that has been persecuted through many periods in our history. Who better than I, then, to understand your frustration and anger!

      However, we must believe in using the tools of virtue to fight against such injustices. Otherwise, it may become difficult to tell the difference between the oppressor and the oppressed. Furthermore, in that mind, tongue and body through which the Divine is contemplated, there should be no place for darkness, which for me include anger and revenge… The oppressor, too, was created by His Command and will have to account sooner or later! The arc of Justice may be long but it surely exists…

      I sincerely hope that you don’t think me rude for saying so! I truly enjoy all our interactions, the whispering of your poetry and the beauty of your soul…

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