About sanity…

turbulent river

“You say that living a “normal” life is sanity… get educated, a good job, accumulate assets, get married, friendly relations and neighbours, have children, educate them, grow old gracefully,… Is that really sanity? Don’t you remember that one day we have to leave all this behind when we die? Look at me instead, all turbulent and swirling, the aftermath of havoc, yet I am on my way to the ocean where I will be one with my origin… Even if I am crazy, which would you rather choose? – Moka river in the aftermath of a cyclone, Mauritius

13 thoughts on “About sanity…

  1. I’m crazy about nature. I’m crazy about divinity, which is nature also, so I’m crazy, because I can’t see any duality in the 2.
    I see 1, I’m crazy, for love, I’m crazy, I am love, we are all love, everything, seen and unseen is love, there is only love, I’m crazy.

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