About despair being sinful…

albion rainbow

“Even on the most grey of days, there are colours on the ground and in the sky to remind you of brighter times… Don’t you think, therefore, that your despair is sinful? Be grateful instead for the gifts of colour and hope…” – Little Rainbow on the northern horizon of Mauritius


12 thoughts on “About despair being sinful…

  1. I have NO concept of “sin”… c’est grave, Dr A?!… 😉
    * * *
    mille merci pour tes aimables et généreux commentaires à mon aire de jeux… 🙂
    merry holidays and friendly thoughts, cheers! Mélanie

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    • But either way, gratitude and hope are the characteristics of an enlightened being and despair is a sign of arrogance and self-centredness, right?

      Vos messages web sont très intéressant et inspirant… Je suis heureux pour les suivre. Bon noël et joyeuse saison des fêtes 🙂


      • yes, you’re right, of course… I guess I’m a “pagan sinner”… 😉 mille merci – thanx a bunch of your favourite flowers for your generous words that I highly appreciate… have a pleasant end of December and a formidable 2015! 🙂
        * * *
        P.S. I look forward to being tomorrow… as I don’t celebrate X-mas for my both parents(RIP) were born on Dec 25th, but I do respect truly practicing Christians who celebrate THE real meaning of this day with spiritual gifts… I dislike X-mas & Easter frenzy shopping, brrr!!!

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      • Living in Africa as I do, makes your sentiments all the more poignant and meaningful. I am in tota agreement and I wish sincere blessings of peace, love, joy and fulfilment for you and eternal peace for your parents.


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