Very Inspiring Blogger Award…


Nominated on 18 December 2014

I got nominated for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” just over one week after being nominated for the “Peace and Harmony Award”. I am not sure that I am deserving at all of these awards but thank you so much once again, A Momma’s View for nominating me. I get lots of inspiration from your blog!

While I will proudly display the award on the blog, and mention seven things about me, I will not follow the other rules of the Award and especially, will not nominate others since this Award comes too soon after another very similar award. I have just nominated other bloggers and I will not be able to do true justice to more nominations. Sorry!

Seven things about me…

1. I am a nature lover, no really!

2. I was born and have lived most of my life in Africa (currently living in Mauritius).

3. I am saddened by the state of the world today where life has almost no value; in the developing world due to poverty and in the developed world due to riches.

4. I took up photography only about a year ago and still have a lot to learn.

5. I am learning to write with my left hand (otherwise being overwhelmingly right handed) so that I can stimulate my brain.

6. By God’s grace if I am able to retire from my current career in a few years, I would like to take up teaching voluntarily if possible.

7. I am intrigued by the sky and would love to own a telescope and maybe even a camera that can enable me take photos.

Once again, I am truly humbled by this award and thank my followers and those whom I follow for enriching my life…


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