About the man on the moon…

man on the moon

“It’s that time of the year, isn’t it? When hope springs eternal despite the extremes of weather; when fantasy is born and you experience the ecstasy of being little once more; when warm, positive feelings take over from cold, hard reality… Even I, the man on the moon, appear real again! – Setting moon over western Mauritius


8 thoughts on “About the man on the moon…

      • My command of the Arabic language is not as good as it ought to be but I recall the moon being al-qamar and the crescent being al-hilal…

        Speaking of Mahina, the Hawaiian for moon, reminded me of the Hindi word for month (mahina) and how the month is sometimes measured using the phases of the moon which boggles the mind doesn’t it? That two seemingly distant cultures have linguistic usage from which harmony and synchronicity can be derived…

        And, while I agree that the moon is feminine, for me the person who inhabits it can only be masculine, or the man, especially since I am such a traditional guy 😉

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