About forbearance…

honour trees

“You made your path through us and some of our friends paid the ultimate price… The Creator put us here to fulfil our role; beauty, shelter, life… Despite all our silent suffering, we still patiently stand in honour and respect… for this is the role that He ordained on us… Is there a lesson in here for you?” – Road to Alexandra Falls, Chamarel, Mauritius


10 thoughts on “About forbearance…

  1. Definitely a lesson for us. There are lessons everywhere in nature, some we even acknowledge and fortunate are those few who do practise them.

    Being an observer as you are is a wonderful role. It has the potential to elevate you as is does those who heed you.

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  2. The word forbearance always causes me to yield in awe on our wonderful God. I’m discovering my purpose each and every day. I know He’s the one pulling back the curtains at every turn. He radiates with love, mercy and grace for me as He pulls them.

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