About reading the signs…

singing fody

“Hey there! I am alerting you about an approaching weather system… Since we are all very alive to the inter-linkages amongst us, I am able to tell you that there is a cyclone in the vicinity… Are you alive to this connectedness? – Singing Madagascar Fody, Mauritius


16 thoughts on “About reading the signs…

    • That is so true! Intuition is a rare and wonderful gift. Yet, nature has a deep intuition which is visible to all who are “open” to it.

      There is indeed a cyclone in our neighbourhood and it will be closest to us over the next 24 hours.


  1. It’s interesting, I’m like a dog, I can sense weather and earthquakes too.
    Birds are so smart, if I’m not aware of something, a little or large bird, will let me know, I think birds are angels.

    Nice pic of the clever bird.

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