About love and possessiveness…

Felix Cat

“I understand that you love me… and I love you back, I truly do… But, what I cannot understand is why you feel the need to “possess” me… Is it true love when I must be yours to earn your love? And does anything ever really belong to you?” – Felix the cat in the garden at Residence Beau Soleil, Albion, Mauritius


10 thoughts on “About love and possessiveness…

  1. you may have listened to Sting’s song:”if you love somebody, set them free…” 🙂 if we really love someone – with all our heart, we all need to be FREE, not to try to restrain him/her at any cost and by any means… he/she will always come back to us, otherwise he/she will leave for good…

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    • Mélanie, your words are so true and wise. Yet so many people in the world, including yours truly, feel that we must possess when we love. It is a lesson from the wise that we must learn because that freedom of letting go, ironically sets ourselves free 🙂


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