About education and character…

Palmar rock

“It is not easy to stand firm and upright in the face of an onslaught from the elements, but I do my best, as you can see… I have the “battle scars”. On the other hand, you are educated but what is its impact on your character? Is education merely picking up facts, learning to read and write, being good at answering questions under stress… What about character formation? Learning to stand up for what is right and speaking up against what is wrong regardless of popular opinion, personal gain or other such elements? – Rock formation in the dawn light by the Palmar beach, Eastern Mauritius


8 thoughts on “About education and character…

  1. “What about character formation?”

    I was a teacher for 33 years in Miami, Florida. This is so important but a subject to be avoided lest the teacher be accused of passing on values that parents may object to and there are those too who try to pass on values that are certainly objectionable. In such a multicultural place as Miami there are similarities and differences from culture to culture. However, I have found that most teens have a very clear sense of right and wrong and a clear sense of fairness. Perhaps they should be running the world instead of adults. Thanks visit my blog.

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    • I salute you O teacher! In my humble view there is a universal set of values that makes up true character and we all spend far to much time and energy on the superficial differences. What results is a focus on learning to read and write and pass exams without understanding the true value of education and learning. I truly appreciate your incisive comment and hope to see you again 🙂


      • Yes it’s true NatureSpeak, so often political correctness or the simple desire not to upset anyone (“each to their own” being the guiding mantra of western culture), prevents us from saying unfashionable things like that there are morals to uphold and goods to be sought, and universal truths to uncover – and yes they are outside of religion and outside of law.

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