About the effectiveness of silence…

alluring silent moon

“I am the epitome of mysterious beauty… a phasing reflection of Light that holds you spell bound, right? And when you come closer that mystery and allure deepens… and your sense of wonder increases, right? You are clearly aware of my beauty, allure and power since I even control the ebb and flow of your waters… Yet, did you ever hear me tell you who I am? Did you ever hear me scream out my virtues to you? Did you ever hear me talk down to you?” –ย Moon in the eastern sky over Mauritius

19 thoughts on “About the effectiveness of silence…

  1. What an amazing photo. What an amazing quote/saying below as well. Where is it from?
    I have wondered about creation and the vastness of the universe in the past year or so. When I would go outside at night and notice the moon and sky, and realize that we humans, and the earth are so tiny, and that we are just stuck to this earth by a force called gravity, and floating around in space, but in a very organized and intelligent fashion (i know this is a major run on sentence…) it absolutely amazes me. That, in and of itself, convinces me of intelligent design and that we are not the result of some accident.
    Great post.
    ๐Ÿ™‚ โค

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