About devotion…

Sunset sugarcane

“We bow and pay homage in silence to The One who brings Light… Devotion need not be characterised by cries of praise, nor chants of scripture… True devotion begins and ends, if ever, in the heart… for there resides The One who is above all else!” – Sunset through a sugarcane field, Albion, Mauritius

14 thoughts on “About devotion…

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment. It made me think about how there really should not be any definition for devotion since there could be infinite ways of expressing devotion. Indeed life itself could be considered devotion.


  1. It would be a dream to be able to take photographs like you- not only the photography itself but to be able to pick out the right scenes at the right time and making us appreciate the beauty of nature. Your wordings have so much depth, they enhance the beauty of your photos, demonstrating how much they all mean to you


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