About composure…

yellow jacket

“Yes, I have the ability to sting… to hurt… But, the wizened old tree knows that our essence is the same. He is wise enough to know that I only do what I have been created to do… And he does what he has been created to do… to provide shelter, solace, a resting place… His composure in my presence, increases my belief in my own goodness! Why have you been created?” – Yellow Jacket Wasp at Residence Beau Soleil Garden, Albion, Mauritius


8 thoughts on “About composure…

  1. great message by a little wasp 🙂 as a child i played with tap’s running water with many wasps too. i was never bitten by any of the wasps. since i didnt hurt them so did they behaved kindly. we played with water in summer

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