About the joys of being alive…

Moon splendour

“I am all aglow with happiness tonight… What is the reason you ask? Well, for one, it is a privilege to contribute to the splendour of the evening attracting your gaze to the heavens… More importantly though, I get to participate in celebrating the beauty and wonder of His creation! Look up my fellow beings, with awe and humility in your hearts, and let us all experience the joy of being alive!” – The moon in all its splendour, Parklands, Nairobi (2018)


About the secret to happiness…

Innocence in the garden

“What is happiness but the confidence and freedom to be who you truly are… the ability to express your beauty without worrying about who will notice or what they will think? If you let go your overbearing sense of self, mute out the self critical monologue inside you and instead trustfully play your wonderful part of the Natural Whole, you will experience the very essence of happiness…What do you say?” – Radiant beauty on the road, Parklands, Nairobi (2018)

About stress, worry and anxiety…

Radiating Sunlight

“Wisps of stress, anxiety and worry draw curtains of darkness that hinder the natural goodness, beauty and warmth of the heart… However, O Mankind, like fire and water, these two opposing forces are elementally very different… The source of your love, kindness and hope is Infinite, Universal, Divine Light whereas stress, anxiety and worry are rooted in the finite, materialistic egoism of this world… Therefore, let your heart spread goodness, light and warmth which are essential to your true self!” – Sunlight radiating through dark clouds at sunset, Port Louis, Mauritius (2015)