About the divinity in me…

Orange Bell Flower

“You won’t necessarily find divinity in the temples and churches around you… there are those whose prayer places are within their hearts; wherever they are, you will see them reflect His colours… You will have no doubt that they have been created in His image… their beauty will attest to their divinity!”

– Beautiful flower in the hedge outside the wall of the temple, Nairobi

About the power of a good deed…

Networking tree branches

“You have, no doubt my dear, heard of exponential growth… I would like to show you the beauty and power that it gives me… I have a trunk that supports branches, each of which further supports smaller branches, and so on, as you can see. In the same way, a good deed, a positive thought, a small prayer for someone in need, even just a smile, each grow exponentially. I can almost touch the sky due to the proliferation of my branches. Can you imagine what you may reach through your good deeds?”

– Proliferating branches, Nairobi

About the beauty of the winding path…

Bending tree branches

“Most of you are in a rush to get to the end… to see who won and who lost… to “achieve” something. Let’s complete this, finish that exercise, win this project, tick off that action item. And then you start all over again! Would you be surprised to know that real beauty lies in the slow, winding path? It takes courage to slow down, reflect, enjoy the many learnings of the journey, be deliberate about your actions, think carefully before you speak… And, let your friends live and be happy without your judging sneer, allow people their foibles… Let me tell you again, O my friends, you will yourself grow more beautiful if you do this!”

– Winding tree branches in the yard, Nairobi, Kenya

About goodness everywhere…

Canna at the ditch

“What else did you expect to see by the side of a ditch? Isn’t your world similar to mine? Death and decay is rampant… and not just the death of living beings, but also the decay of ethics and morality, the inter-twining of right and wrong to such an extent that you can’t tell the difference… right? I’ll have you know that I intend to uphold beauty and provide nourishing breaths for as long as I am here, regardless of my surroundings! Will you commit to do the same?”

– What looks like a Canna Lilly by the side of a ditch, Nairobi

About the nature of blessings…

Raindrops by the hedge

“What an auspicious occasion!! Some called it unseasonal… but for us these were sacred moments in which to reach out humbly in the hope of being touched by a drop of the blessings from above… Truth be told, even a spattering of the life-enriching drops after they had hit the ground would have been gratefully accepted. All discerning souls could see clearly the Light in each drop!

– Raindrops by the hedge, Parklands, Nairobi

About the flow within me… and you…

Flowing pink petals

“There is a natural rhythm coursing through my being… the beat of existence! And that inner reality is always relayed to outer appearance for all in the creation. The innocent glide of my pink petals represents the flow of of my inner life force… and indeed, present everywhere we look! So, all you woebegone beholders, come… let us flow in the bubble of our spiritual dance?”

– Flowing pink petals, Nairobi, Kenya

About the reason for my sounds…

Beseeching crow in the garden trees

“As I sit in the trees cawing relentlessly, have you ever wondered about my reason for breaking the natural silence of the creation? What could possibly preoccupy me to cause such disturbance? Well, I call out to Him… Beseeching in earnest! I know that I have accumulated darkness over the years of my separation from Him… My actions found wanting, worldly and not always seeking out His Light… Yet I still retain the soft, loving inner core that I hope will make Him relent, and overlook my imperfections… I wish my cry were sweeter and more reflective of my adoration for Him than it is… maybe then His radiant gaze might be attracted. I shan’t stop my lament because its entire purpose is to seek Him, glorify Him, make my poor love known… What is the reason for the sounds you make, the silence you break?”

– Beseeching crow in the trees of the garden, Nairobi, Kenya

About patterns in nature…

Sedeveria succulent in the garden

“We are all created in His image… I may not broadcast my divinity to you but my petals, or rosettes, reflect the ‘golden ratio’ also known as the ‘divine proportion’. I share this characteristic not only with many other plants, pine cones, flowers and seeds, but also with fruits and vegetables, shells, spiral galaxies, hurricanes, etc. Please look out for these signs as constant reminders of His presence in your life. Also, do you want to tell me how you reflect the divine?”

– Succulent Sedeveria in the garden, Nairobi, Kenya

About patience in times of uncertainty…

Rough stream at Karura Forest

“Most said that they had had enough of the year gone by… all expecting better times ahead. I would advise caution though… see how the water of my stream flowing over the rocks is choppy? And, while it may soon be “under the bridge”, there may likely still be rocks on the other side… In the same way that it is not the fault of the flowing water that there are swirls and currents, it is also not the fault of the year that you might live through turbulent times. So, be patient dear fellow! What does this mean, you ask? Well, go with the flow, accept that there will be times that are choppy and times that are smooth since that is the nature of your life. And, most importantly, find contentment within yourself!”

– Stream flowing roughly under a bridge, Karura Forest, Kenya