About the innocence of nature…

Frangipani in various stages of plan

“Many of you may think of innocence as a fault… we need to be worldly and street smart to get through the rough and tumble of our lives, right? Well, let me show you how beautiful is an innocent soul throughout her life stages… she is indeed a lovely and wonderful sight, the one who reflects pure innocence even after absorbing the battle scars of this world!”

– Innocent Frangipani blossom in the Albion Garden, Mauritius

About your unfolding life…

The disappearing path, Karura Forest

“Open your hearts and behold the wonder that is your life! At each step there is an abundance of Light, an abundance of Life! O my friend, don’t allow yourself to wallow or despair… instead breathe, experience, absorb the gifts all around you… take the time to seek out your blessings! Don’t be in a rush through life for you will regret what you will miss…”

– Disappearing path at Karura Forest, Nairobi

About the sweetness of our offspring…

Banana tree

“Is there a greater joy in life than to watch the coming of age of our offspring? It is indeed one of the Lord’s greatest blessings! We give birth to them, shelter and nurture them while they are young and then watch them bloom into sweet individuals with their own personalities… how do you relish your children?”

– Banana tree with its fruit beginning to ripen, Parklands, Nairobi