About finding peace in the midst of everyday turmoil…

Monkey on a wall

“It is lunch-time on Easter Monday in Nairobi… Shards of glass all around me waiting to cut at the tiniest false move, barking dogs below going crazy to attack should I slip the tiniest bit… Yet, I try to enjoy every morsel of nourishment amidst the mayhem!” – Monkey on a wall, Parklands, Nairobi


About the door of mercy…

Door of mercy

“The doorway of mercy exhorts you to look upwards… perhaps to the heavens in search of spiritual succour and benediction… however, it is incomplete without the need to look ‘sideways’ – all around you – in search of people to forgive and to be compassionate towards so that there is festive cheer all around!” – Door at La Cathédrale, Port Louis, Mauritius

(I have read that the cross not only symbolises the need for us to strive towards spiritual ascent to Heaven i.e. the vertical, but also the importance of virtuous dealings with our fellow physical beings i.e. the horizontal)

About the yearning for peace in the world…

peace at sunset

“It is said that if you ask for something sincerely from Him, then it is only a matter of time before it is bestowed upon you… Today, I ask for peace… peace in the world… just peace! Enough of the senseless turmoil… I beseech Him for peace… just peace… and I bow my head in this prayer…” – Peaceful scene at sunset off the coast of Flic en Flac, Mauritius

About an all-embracing view…

Vast sun and ocean

“Today, perhaps more than ever before, it is common to hear people make claims about faith and religion, usually their own faith or religion, as being absolute truth and exclusive! I would like to ask you… does the sun have chosen objects on which it showers light and warmth while shunning the rest? Does the ocean choose which water drops to embrace? If nature is humble enough to blur differences and embrace diversity, shouldn’t we reconsider our claims? –  Vast and colourful scene off the western coast of Mauritius

About playfulness…

pomme jacquot

“If I stick my tongue out at you, it only means that I am being playful… I am after all frequently influenced by monkeys…” – Pomme Jacquot (or Monkey’s Apple) tree at Vallée de Ferney, South Eastern Mauritius

I have been informed reliably that I may have misidentified the tree. For that I apologise and deserve even more the ‘tongue’ stuck out at me 😉