About the Abundance of His Mercy…

Hibiscus in Abundant Mercy

“He showers His Mercy on us whether we have the presence of mind to ask or not… He gives, and gives, and gives… The abundance of blessings almost makes me wilt… But, that feeling of freshness, of clean purity, brings with it a feeling of lightness like no other… They say ‘count your blessings’ but I say just bask in His abundance and don’t bother trying to fathom the Mercy of He who is beyond infinity… and yet smaller than nothing!” – Hibiscus after a rain shower in Parklands, Nairobi


About lofty goals…

cradling the moon

“Who can claim to be in the pink of their health? Who can claim to be the adornment of stems and prettier than flowers? Who can claim to cradle the moon? Who can claim to enhance the colour of the sky? And why ever not? We may be a small collection of bracts in the entire creation but we are all of Him and to Him shall we return…” – Bougainvillea bracts at the garden of Residence Beau Soleil, Albion, Mauritius

Weekly Photo Challenge – On The Way (This post is dedicated to the one who is on his way back to Him)

About true beauty… exposed…

modest bougainvillea

“Usually we make a great show of our meagre virtues… No opportunity is allowed to pass in making ourselves look good… Yet true beauty does not need all that pomp and effort! True beauty, when exposed to the world, is simple yet soul nourishing, unassuming but adorable, modest and yet full of colour…” – Bougainvillea seen through a palm leaves curtain, Albion, Mauritius

About beauty and life everywhere…

beautiful butterfly

“Yes, my wings are beautiful… but, if you look closely, you will find beauty everywhere on the wall! From the textures and colours of my whole body to the wall itself… there is celebration of life! And, especially on a day such as this, when our brothers and sisters in the northern hemisphere are heralding the rejuvenation of life, you will find hope and wonder everywhere in the world…” – Butterfly, Residence Beau Soleil Garden, Albion, Mauritius