About the innocence of nature…

Frangipani in various stages of plan

“Many of you may think of innocence as a fault… we need to be worldly and street smart to get through the rough and tumble of our lives, right? Well, let me show you how beautiful is an innocent soul throughout her life stages… she is indeed a lovely and wonderful sight, the one who reflects pure innocence even after absorbing the battle scars of this world!”

– Innocent Frangipani blossom in the Albion Garden, Mauritius

About the divinity in me…

Orange Bell Flower

“You won’t necessarily find divinity in the temples and churches around you… there are those whose prayer places are within their hearts; wherever they are, you will see them reflect His colours… You will have no doubt that they have been created in His image… their beauty will attest to their divinity!”

– Beautiful flower in the hedge outside the wall of the temple, Nairobi

About the beauty of the winding path…

Bending tree branches

“Most of you are in a rush to get to the end… to see who won and who lost… to “achieve” something. Let’s complete this, finish that exercise, win this project, tick off that action item. And then you start all over again! Would you be surprised to know that real beauty lies in the slow, winding path? It takes courage to slow down, reflect, enjoy the many learnings of the journey, be deliberate about your actions, think carefully before you speak… And, let your friends live and be happy without your judging sneer, allow people their foibles… Let me tell you again, O my friends, you will yourself grow more beautiful if you do this!”

– Winding tree branches in the yard, Nairobi, Kenya

About goodness everywhere…

Canna at the ditch

“What else did you expect to see by the side of a ditch? Isn’t your world similar to mine? Death and decay is rampant… and not just the death of living beings, but also the decay of ethics and morality, the inter-twining of right and wrong to such an extent that you can’t tell the difference… right? I’ll have you know that I intend to uphold beauty and provide nourishing breaths for as long as I am here, regardless of my surroundings! Will you commit to do the same?”

– What looks like a Canna Lilly by the side of a ditch, Nairobi

About the flow within me… and you…

Flowing pink petals

“There is a natural rhythm coursing through my being… the beat of existence! And that inner reality is always relayed to outer appearance for all in the creation. The innocent glide of my pink petals represents the flow of of my inner life force… and indeed, present everywhere we look! So, all you woebegone beholders, come… let us flow in the bubble of our spiritual dance?”

– Flowing pink petals, Nairobi, Kenya

About hope in the darkness…

Luminous pink rose in the night garden

“Sometimes the darkness all around is hard… we struggle to see even the slightest ray of hope or even the littlest signs of beauty or familiarity from which we can take some comfort. The absence of Light is sapping, especially since the way ahead is unclear and filled with menacing shadows… and then you sight the pink petals of a blooming rose with luminous colours around it as well as soon to blossom buds. And then Light fills your heart, hope and beauty abound… there is joy and well-being all around!”

– Luminous pink rose in the garden at night, Nairobi, Kenya

About the subtlety of my efforts…

Pink Rose Petals“To attract Your attention, O King of Love, I have become as soft, as delicate and as subtle as I can be in this material world… I have done my best to eliminate all ego and put out for all to see, my entire trove of vice and virtue; the scent of my innocence, enticement and vulnerability, the colours of my gentleness, impermanence and service to all around me… O Source of all Innocence, how I long for Your loving glimpse on my effort? – Pink Rose Petals in Garden, Parklands, Nairobi

About the joys of being alive…

Moon splendour

“I am all aglow with happiness tonight… What is the reason you ask? Well, for one, it is a privilege to contribute to the splendour of the evening attracting your gaze to the heavens… More importantly though, I get to participate in celebrating the beauty and wonder of His creation! Look up my fellow beings, with awe and humility in your hearts, and let us all experience the joy of being alive!” – The moon in all its splendour, Parklands, Nairobi (2018)

About the secret to happiness…

Innocence in the garden

“What is happiness but the confidence and freedom to be who you truly are… the ability to express your beauty without worrying about who will notice or what they will think? If you let go your overbearing sense of self, mute out the self critical monologue inside you and instead trustfully play your wonderful part of the Natural Whole, you will experience the very essence of happiness…What do you say?” – Radiant beauty on the road, Parklands, Nairobi (2018)

About altruism…

Garden Rose

“For all those of you unwittingly mired in self-indulgence, think about me for an instant… My colour, my scent, my beauty, indeed my entire being is dedicated to the pleasure and benefit of others… I know that it is easy to get carried away in your virtual world of unfettered self gratification, but please take time to empathise with those around you? Particularly those with a real need of your consideration and service…” – Teary rose in the garden, Parklands, Nairobi.