About respectful curiosity…

Curious Spider

“As I go about my daily play, isn’t it liberating for you to stop by and observe my way of life? As you go about your daily life, I find it liberating to stop by and watch you play too… If separate species can afford this respect to one another, why can’t human races, cultures and religions do the same? – Curious spider in the car, Mauritius

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About the yearning for peace in the world…

peace at sunset

“It is said that if you ask for something sincerely from Him, then it is only a matter of time before it is bestowed upon you… Today, I ask for peace… peace in the world… just peace! Enough of the senseless turmoil… I beseech Him for peace… just peace… and I bow my head in this prayer…” – Peaceful scene at sunset off the coast of Flic en Flac, Mauritius

About submission to Truth

submitting white bell flower

“You see my beautiful, innocent and smiling face? It seems that I can look up into the world with pride. And yet… I am nothing without the sun, nothing without water, nothing without the soil… I am nothing physically without the elements, who all bear my burden! My own worth, though, comes from my ability to make you experience beauty, to make you feel good… Should you think about the similarities between yourself and me? – In the garden at Gold Coast, Flic en Flac, Mauritius

About an all-embracing view…

Vast sun and ocean

“Today, perhaps more than ever before, it is common to hear people make claims about faith and religion, usually their own faith or religion, as being absolute truth and exclusive! I would like to ask you… does the sun have chosen objects on which it showers light and warmth while shunning the rest? Does the ocean choose which water drops to embrace? If nature is humble enough to blur differences and embrace diversity, shouldn’t we reconsider our claims? –  Vast and colourful scene off the western coast of Mauritius