About the Dance along the Way…

Graceful Waterfall

“My source is He… Abundant, Loving, Full of Grace! At journey’s end, I will find Him… Comforter, Giver of Peace, Beneficent and Full of Grace! Along the way, He fills me with His radiance… every drop, every molecule calling out to Him… dancing His dance, in full flow and with one objective only… graceful annihilation… an end in Peace, Love, Warmth, Abundance! – Waterfall at Karura Forest, Nairobi

Weekly Photo Challenge – Graceful


About reaching out to great heights…

Karura Treeline

“O children of the world, you have within your grasp the ability to scale great heights… Do not accept mediocrity in your character, education, goals… Nor in service to your fellow human beings! Aim high, work hard, be humble, dance, sing, love, be merry, look up into the sky and dream… dream of a time when all of us can reach the greatest of heights!” – Treeline at Karura Forest, Nairobi

About the Dance of Light…

Bring my Boat to Shore

“As the rays of Your Blessing shine through me, all my hopes of safety, peace and salvation are cast adrift… All I can do is join the twinkle and sparkle of Light… bobbing and swaying this way and that… nothing else matters… I want to lose myself in the Dance of Light…” – Boat at sunset off the western coast of Mauritius at Flic en Flac

About the Abundance of His Mercy…

Hibiscus in Abundant Mercy

“He showers His Mercy on us whether we have the presence of mind to ask or not… He gives, and gives, and gives… The abundance of blessings almost makes me wilt… But, that feeling of freshness, of clean purity, brings with it a feeling of lightness like no other… They say ‘count your blessings’ but I say just bask in His abundance and don’t bother trying to fathom the Mercy of He who is beyond infinity… and yet smaller than nothing!” – Hibiscus after a rain shower in Parklands, Nairobi

About the Gathering of Light…

Majestic Sunset

“Like you, we all gather regularly to hail our King… it is a congregation of the elements filled with awe, humility and submission… And we are blessed with Light to help us to determine right from wrong, and we are blessed with Peace to allow us to fulfil our duties happily, and we are blessed with His Presence and then nothing else matters! – Majestic Sunset off the western coast of Mauritius

Weekly Photo Challenge – Gathering

About the door of mercy…

Door of mercy

“The doorway of mercy exhorts you to look upwards… perhaps to the heavens in search of spiritual succour and benediction… however, it is incomplete without the need to look ‘sideways’ – all around you – in search of people to forgive and to be compassionate towards so that there is festive cheer all around!” – Door at La Cathédrale, Port Louis, Mauritius

(I have read that the cross not only symbolises the need for us to strive towards spiritual ascent to Heaven i.e. the vertical, but also the importance of virtuous dealings with our fellow physical beings i.e. the horizontal)