About duty and pleasure…

Hibiscus Bud

“Did she know that I am about to blossom to bring a little piece of bliss and joy in her life? I am born to bring pleasure; aren’t I a blessed creature?” –  Hibiscus, Flic-en-Flac, Mauritius


About duty and joy…


“I am indeed bubbling over with happiness as I return to my origin… it does not matter what obstacles I encounter along the way… Struggle is the meaning of life…” – At Sept Cascades, Vacoas, Mauritius

About appreciation…

At Sept Cascades

“I realise that I am hard, unyielding and cause pain. But that does not mean that I am unappreciative of the solace he gives to my parched self by flowing over me. Look you can actually see the difference he makes and all that I am grateful for…” – At Sept Cascades, Vacoas, Mauritius