About being who you are…

Ephemeral Sun

“It is important to be authentic, for there is a place in this world for all of us… with all our strengths, shortcomings… happiness, sadness… hopes, faith, doubt, worries… We must be who we are… If you are fire, so be it, live your life… if you are water, so be it, live your life… if you are earth, so be it, live your life… if you are air, so be it, live your life… Have faith in yourself and be who you are!” – Sunset viewed from Port Louis, Mauritius

Weekly Photo Challenge – Ephemeral


About words… and action…

seaweed on rocks

“Conversation between rock and seaweed… Weed: I love you…, Rock: But, I can’t breathe…, Weed: No, it’s all fine, a beautiful day, and I love you…, Rock: But, you have taken over all my space, my access to the warmth of the sun, the invigorating sea breeze…, Weed: No, you are so strong and gentle, and most importantly, I love you and we are so happy…” – At the beach in Palmar, East Coast of Mauritius

About letting go gracefully…

regal sunset

“I am a point of reference, giving rise to reverence and awe… My impact on environments, although from a great distance, cannot be denied… I am indeed the focal point of my system, its source of life, stability and sustenance… My eminence is there for all to experience… And when the time comes each day, I am just as regal when relinquishing my hold on you… I acknowledge that there is great benefit in my absence as well…” – Sunset visible from Port Louis, Mauritius, 25 March 2015

About beauty and life everywhere…

beautiful butterfly

“Yes, my wings are beautiful… but, if you look closely, you will find beauty everywhere on the wall! From the textures and colours of my whole body to the wall itself… there is celebration of life! And, especially on a day such as this, when our brothers and sisters in the northern hemisphere are heralding the rejuvenation of life, you will find hope and wonder everywhere in the world…” – Butterfly, Residence Beau Soleil Garden, Albion, Mauritius

About beauty and ageing…

aged hibiscus

“As my time on earth comes to an end, I ask you to remember my colours that were attractive to so many suitors… I ask you to remember my scent that stopped many a passerby willing them to take a deep breath… I ask you to remember the stories I told of beauty, innocence and a world filled with laughter and happiness… I ask you to acknowledge my legacy that will be reflected in my offspring… I ask you also to think carefully about your own existence and the quality that you bring into the lives of others, for a time will come when you too will prepare to move on…” – Ageing Hibiscus flower in the garden at Residence Beau Soleil, Albion, Mauritius