About hope in the darkness…

Luminous pink rose in the night garden

“Sometimes the darkness all around is hard… we struggle to see even the slightest ray of hope or even the littlest signs of beauty or familiarity from which we can take some comfort. The absence of Light is sapping, especially since the way ahead is unclear and filled with menacing shadows… and then you sight the pink petals of a blooming rose with luminous colours around it as well as soon to blossom buds. And then Light fills your heart, hope and beauty abound… there is joy and well-being all around!”

– Luminous pink rose in the garden at night, Nairobi, Kenya

About the continuing search for hope…

Hopeful Berries

“We all want to be hopeful right now and in the coming days, despite what might have gone on in the days gone by… Is there darkness all around or can we say rays of Light? We are all craning our necks in the hope of seeing the Light and the warmth on our skins that help us to blossom and become colourful… Light and hope radiate abundance, vitality and splendour, which is the ultimate hope of our lives!”

– Berries in the garden, Nairobi, 12 December 2020