About the reason for my sounds…

Beseeching crow in the garden trees

“As I sit in the trees cawing relentlessly, have you ever wondered about my reason for breaking the natural silence of the creation? What could possibly preoccupy me to cause such disturbance? Well, I call out to Him… Beseeching in earnest! I know that I have accumulated darkness over the years of my separation from Him… My actions found wanting, worldly and not always seeking out His Light… Yet I still retain the soft, loving inner core that I hope will make Him relent, and overlook my imperfections… I wish my cry were sweeter and more reflective of my adoration for Him than it is… maybe then His radiant gaze might be attracted. I shan’t stop my lament because its entire purpose is to seek Him, glorify Him, make my poor love known… What is the reason for the sounds you make, the silence you break?”

– Beseeching crow in the trees of the garden, Nairobi, Kenya

3 thoughts on “About the reason for my sounds…

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