About the reason for my sounds…

Beseeching crow in the garden trees

“As I sit in the trees cawing relentlessly, have you ever wondered about my reason for breaking the natural silence of the creation? What could possibly preoccupy me to cause such disturbance? Well, I call out to Him… Beseeching in earnest! I know that I have accumulated darkness over the years of my separation from Him… My actions found wanting, worldly and not always seeking out His Light… Yet I still retain the soft, loving inner core that I hope will make Him relent, and overlook my imperfections… I wish my cry were sweeter and more reflective of my adoration for Him than it is… maybe then His radiant gaze might be attracted. I shan’t stop my lament because its entire purpose is to seek Him, glorify Him, make my poor love known… What is the reason for the sounds you make, the silence you break?”

– Beseeching crow in the trees of the garden, Nairobi, Kenya

About patterns in nature…

Sedeveria succulent in the garden

“We are all created in His image… I may not broadcast my divinity to you but my petals, or rosettes, reflect the ‘golden ratio’ also known as the ‘divine proportion’. I share this characteristic not only with many other plants, pine cones, flowers and seeds, but also with fruits and vegetables, shells, spiral galaxies, hurricanes, etc. Please look out for these signs as constant reminders of His presence in your life. Also, do you want to tell me how you reflect the divine?”

– Succulent Sedeveria in the garden, Nairobi, Kenya

About the search for Light…

Silhouette“Is it possible for the Light to touch me? I am dark, earthy… I have very little to show for all my devotion… The Light shines brightly showering all before it with a luminescence to behold… But what about me? Can I be so privileged? Is there hope for me? I know that it is not what I do that matters, it is how I am… To exist in a way that makes me ready to receive the Light… The Light is omnipresent, shining like a brilliant star… my search just needs me to reflect, remember and be…” – Silhouette of a leafy branch in the shining sunset, Mauritius, 2016

About the softness of His Mercy…

Rain in the trees

“Do you think I deserve the drops of rain from on high that caress my leaves? Do you think it rains because of the effort that I expend in my existence? Do you think the rain picks only my bright and evergreen leaves while forsaking my gangly brown branches? His Mercy is all pervasive within creation and requires no effort or righteousness from you except to express gratitude in response!” – Tree basking in the rain, Parklands, Nairobi.

About wishes for the time to come…


“What can I say about the effect of Your Benevolence on my life? How do I compare my shining and overflowing heart touched by Your Presence with the everyday dull and drab existence of this world? Is it any wonder then that my deepest wish for the time to come is to be touched by Your illuminating Gaze? – Karura Forest, Nairobi, Kenya

About reflections and reality…


“Is it possible for the reflection to be more true than the reality? In what sense is the reality different from the reflection? Is it true that every reality in the physical realm is first created conceptually? Is the reflection therefore the precursor to the reality? If that be the case, which is the reflection and which the Reality?” – Musings of a novice, Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya

About the Dance along the Way…

Graceful Waterfall

“My source is He… Abundant, Loving, Full of Grace! At journey’s end, I will find Him… Comforter, Giver of Peace, Beneficent and Full of Grace! Along the way, He fills me with His radiance… every drop, every molecule calling out to Him… dancing His dance, in full flow and with one objective only… graceful annihilation… an end in Peace, Love, Warmth, Abundance! – Waterfall at Karura Forest, Nairobi

Weekly Photo Challenge – Graceful

About the Dance of Light…

Bring my Boat to Shore

“As the rays of Your Blessing shine through me, all my hopes of safety, peace and salvation are cast adrift… All I can do is join the twinkle and sparkle of Light… bobbing and swaying this way and that… nothing else matters… I want to lose myself in the Dance of Light…” – Boat at sunset off the western coast of Mauritius at Flic en Flac

About the glittering path…

Glittering Path

“What is the clamour in the world about this god or that god? What is the fuss about this ritual or that ritual? Why the heinous confusion about what defines piety? Is it not true that there is only Him and the way ahead for all of us is made up of sincerity, honesty, generosity, kindness, respect, restraint, faith, love, reciprocity…? – Sunset reflections looking out to the Indian Ocean from the western coast of Mauritius

Weekly Challenge – Happy Place

About a conference of the birds…

conference of birds

“Who amongst us has the courage and piety to fly out in search of our King? Let us not make excuses… the world, full of temptation and mirages, has nothing of interest for us! We must overpower our egos and humble ourselves into nothing so that we can become everything… for our King is He who is in all of us! Let us be on our way…” – at the Flic en Flac beach, Mauritius

Weekly photo challenge – On The Way