About keeping your eyes on the road…

Anticipating cat

“I hear He is coming… He is coming indeed… Oh what a sweet vigil it is to keep a look out for His arrival… A labour of love indeed! And when He is here, I will purr with pleasure…” – Anticipating cat at Gold Coast, Flic en Flac, Mauritius

Weekly Photo Challenge – Eye Spy


About respect…

sea framed by trees

“Everyone and everything has a place in this world… no matter whether insignificant, considerable, charming or repulsive… all deserve our respect for the role played in the journey that we call life. Imagine the picture of the sea without the frame of trees… imagine a bed of rocks without the swirl of water to soften the image… Does this not make you realise how meagre our lives would be without those who are different from us? – View of a lagoon in the Indian Ocean from Falaise Rouge in South Eastern Mauritius

About words… and action…

seaweed on rocks

“Conversation between rock and seaweed… Weed: I love you…, Rock: But, I can’t breathe…, Weed: No, it’s all fine, a beautiful day, and I love you…, Rock: But, you have taken over all my space, my access to the warmth of the sun, the invigorating sea breeze…, Weed: No, you are so strong and gentle, and most importantly, I love you and we are so happy…” – At the beach in Palmar, East Coast of Mauritius

About celebrating your children…

Colourful coconuts

“When you nurture your offspring… provide them with a supportive, happy, enabling environment in which to grow… set examples of the ethical and moral character that we would all like to have in our lives… teach them to understand the value of diversity… And thus allow them to flourish, the whole world shines bright and colourful to celebrate your family!” – Coconuts on a palm tree in sunset light seen through a bougainvillea blur, Albion, Western Mauritius

About love and possessiveness…

Felix Cat

“I understand that you love me… and I love you back, I truly do… But, what I cannot understand is why you feel the need to “possess” me… Is it true love when I must be yours to earn your love? And does anything ever really belong to you?” – Felix the cat in the garden at Residence Beau Soleil, Albion, Mauritius