About the power of a good deed…

Networking tree branches

“You have, no doubt my dear, heard of exponential growth… I would like to show you the beauty and power that it gives me… I have a trunk that supports branches, each of which further supports smaller branches, and so on, as you can see. In the same way, a good deed, a positive thought, a small prayer for someone in need, even just a smile, each grow exponentially. I can almost touch the sky due to the proliferation of my branches. Can you imagine what you may reach through your good deeds?”

– Proliferating branches, Nairobi

About patience in times of uncertainty…

Rough stream at Karura Forest

“Most said that they had had enough of the year gone by… all expecting better times ahead. I would advise caution though… see how the water of my stream flowing over the rocks is choppy? And, while it may soon be “under the bridge”, there may likely still be rocks on the other side… In the same way that it is not the fault of the flowing water that there are swirls and currents, it is also not the fault of the year that you might live through turbulent times. So, be patient dear fellow! What does this mean, you ask? Well, go with the flow, accept that there will be times that are choppy and times that are smooth since that is the nature of your life. And, most importantly, find contentment within yourself!”

– Stream flowing roughly under a bridge, Karura Forest, Kenya

About stress, worry and anxiety…

Radiating Sunlight

“Wisps of stress, anxiety and worry draw curtains of darkness that hinder the natural goodness, beauty and warmth of the heart… However, O Mankind, like fire and water, these two opposing forces are elementally very different… The source of your love, kindness and hope is Infinite, Universal, Divine Light whereas stress, anxiety and worry are rooted in the finite, materialistic egoism of this world… Therefore, let your heart spread goodness, light and warmth which are essential to your true self!” – Sunlight radiating through dark clouds at sunset, Port Louis, Mauritius (2015)

About reasons to live…


Don’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders… there are enough reasons around you to be pulled down into the mire! Is that what you want? Instead, use the love of the moon, the sky, the clouds and even the trees as inspiration…and fly! Crow flying by the moon, Parklands, Nairobi

About the beauty of solitude…


“People seek out company wanting to talk and listen to each other… Indeed, most are afraid of being alone; death by loneliness the scourge of some lives… But can peaceful solitude be compared with loneliness… When an upright individual stands tall in surroundings that encourage him to draw in and radiate peace, solitude takes on a whole new, beautiful light…” – What the giraffe said, Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya

About reaching out to great heights…

Karura Treeline

“O children of the world, you have within your grasp the ability to scale great heights… Do not accept mediocrity in your character, education, goals… Nor in service to your fellow human beings! Aim high, work hard, be humble, dance, sing, love, be merry, look up into the sky and dream… dream of a time when all of us can reach the greatest of heights!” – Treeline at Karura Forest, Nairobi

About the Gathering of Light…

Majestic Sunset

“Like you, we all gather regularly to hail our King… it is a congregation of the elements filled with awe, humility and submission… And we are blessed with Light to help us to determine right from wrong, and we are blessed with Peace to allow us to fulfil our duties happily, and we are blessed with His Presence and then nothing else matters! – Majestic Sunset off the western coast of Mauritius

Weekly Photo Challenge – Gathering

About submission to Truth

submitting white bell flower

“You see my beautiful, innocent and smiling face? It seems that I can look up into the world with pride. And yet… I am nothing without the sun, nothing without water, nothing without the soil… I am nothing physically without the elements, who all bear my burden! My own worth, though, comes from my ability to make you experience beauty, to make you feel good… Should you think about the similarities between yourself and me? – In the garden at Gold Coast, Flic en Flac, Mauritius