About attention to detail…

beauty in detail

“In some cultures, when something most beautiful is observed, it is said that God took His time to make that beauty… Behold this scene though, don’t you think He took care to perfect every detail when creating the moment? Isn’t the image of perfection part of His entire creation?” – Off the western coast of Mauritius

Weekly Photo Challenge – Careful

About respect…

sea framed by trees

“Everyone and everything has a place in this world… no matter whether insignificant, considerable, charming or repulsive… all deserve our respect for the role played in the journey that we call life. Imagine the picture of the sea without the frame of trees… imagine a bed of rocks without the swirl of water to soften the image… Does this not make you realise how meagre our lives would be without those who are different from us? – View of a lagoon in the Indian Ocean from Falaise Rouge in South Eastern Mauritius

About the glittering path…

Glittering Path

“What is the clamour in the world about this god or that god? What is the fuss about this ritual or that ritual? Why the heinous confusion about what defines piety? Is it not true that there is only Him and the way ahead for all of us is made up of sincerity, honesty, generosity, kindness, respect, restraint, faith, love, reciprocity…? – Sunset reflections looking out to the Indian Ocean from the western coast of Mauritius

Weekly Challenge – Happy Place

About playfulness…

pomme jacquot

“If I stick my tongue out at you, it only means that I am being playful… I am after all frequently influenced by monkeys…” – Pomme Jacquot (or Monkey’s Apple) tree at Vallée de Ferney, South Eastern Mauritius

I have been informed reliably that I may have misidentified the tree. For that I apologise and deserve even more the ‘tongue’ stuck out at me 😉