About tenacity…

tenacious spider

“No matter the seemingly unstructured and unhelpful terrain, no matter the powerful elements that unwittingly make my life difficult, I have built my livelihood here, turning obstacle into opportunity… And, no matter how tiny I look, I will defend my identity to the best of my ability… this is the nature of my perseverance! – Spider’s web, Moka, Mauritius

Weekly Photo Challenge – Careful

12 thoughts on “About tenacity…

  1. This really warms the heart. Turning obstacle into opportunity is a brilliant perspective. Also, the spider is a beautiful beast and I’ve never before seen one that looks like that.

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    • This photo was taken as we were climbing one of the “mountains” in Mauritius called Le Pouce (really a large hill). We were all awestruck by the spider and its web. It seemed to have set itself up literally in the middle of nowhere… Thank you as always for your incredible support and encouragement!


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